Webcast live and simultaneously record and deliver your online learning, interactive lectures and multimedia presentations automatically at the Conference Center with Mediasite - the easiest, most reliable and most complete webcasting and knowledge management platform.

Your presenters teach, train or present as they always do, while Mediasite records everything they say and show and immediately delivers their multimedia presentation online for audiences to watch anytime, anywhere.

Businesses, associations, and government agencies use Mediasite to webcast training, employee briefings and corporate communications to:

  • Build stronger teams with direct management-employee communication
  • Reduce travel and boost efficiency
  • Empower staff through training and professional development
  • Capture, preserve and extend the reach of conferences and other events
  • Strengthen sales, marketing and investor communications
  • Reduce customer support costs and increase satisfaction

Universities and colleges use Mediasite to capture lectures and presentations for hybrid or blended and online learning, special events, training and alum relations to:

  • Improve student learning, retention and matriculation
  • Increase enrollment without new classrooms
  • Generate new revenue through online and continuing education programs
  • Bolster recruitment and outreach
  • Capture, preserve and repurpose campus events