"Thank you for hosting the Leadership Summit. As usual, everything was done professionally and with great attention to detail...I look forward to working with you again."

"The Lake County Regional Office of Education Lake County Educational Services office (LCES) has been conducting trainings, workshops and conferences in Lake County since 1987. In more than twenty years of arranging and booking conferences and training sites, we have not found a location or staff that handles our needs better than you and your people at the University Center."

"Kim's abilities and willingness to go the extra mile comes out each time we are at the Center. The program we run at Lake County is a 12-day-long program for 15-20 students. Kim's facility does not have a cafeteria, and does not have a hotel, but you would never know it. She has found the hotels for us, the catering and has even helped with an Iron Skillet cook-off for entertainment. You must keep in mind that these students are from all over North America, away from their families and Kim make it seem like home. And classroom needs, she knows what to do before I do. Never misses a beat and keeps the place running. I only wish she was at our full time conference centers that we hold other sessions at, one in Dallas and one in Toronto. My life would be easier."

"We decided to host The National Standard Group in the United States for the first time. Typically, this forum is held in Brussels, France, Germany or Austria. Our meeting planner selected the University Center of Lake County.... And we are glad he made that choice. Your facility and your attention to detail were quite impressive. Thank you for making us look good to the world."

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